Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Word

The first words are written by one of my son's when he was around ten years old. It is on faded school paper written in pencil that I can hardly make out. The teacher has written in red pen her comments.                               
                                              What conditon were
                                             you in? Did you fall
                                              in the mud?
                                               I hope so.

It was too muddy to stop and there was about a hundred ducks there. They were flapping their wings and the pigs were out. I nearly hit one. I finally stopped and I looked behind me. There was my brother! He said you can't ride the bike anymore unless I can throw a puffball in your face. I said to myself "Well riding the motorbike is pretty fun and its only a puffball. It won't kill me so I'm going to do it" It was a little different when I got there. He tied me up and started to laugh his head off. I knew then I was in deep trouble. He had five puffballs, three tomatoes and water. I yelled for help but my mom was up town and my big sister was at the barn. My brother picked up a puffball and threw it in my face. He took a tomato and threw it. It just missed. I sort of grinned. He picked up another tomato and he was two feet away. Suddenly the phone rang. I was lucky! JJ went to get it.                  I can't stop laughing!
My little sister came out of the house. She said "Why you tied up Joe? I know she likes J.J. better so I told her that monsters did it. She untied me and then ran away. J.J came back out and I picked up two tomatoes. I pretended that I was still tied up.
                           Now I'm lying on the floor in tears.
JJ picked up a puff ball. Just when he going to throw it at me...splat!! I ran like a jackrabbit. I looked behind me. There he was following me. I think I could have beaten Ben Johnston.
              You rascal!!
      You told me you have such a boring life. You could work professionally writing for comedians. I can't remember the last time I read a story that was so funny and so well written!
     Please let me read this to the whole class, and then have it typed for you!
      My husband has offered to type it if: 1. You recopy it neatly and carefully.
2 He can read it to his class.( He loved it too!) 


  1. Oh my goodness! that's TOO funny! You need to share this at the next writers meeting! That's hilarious!!!!! I can picture the boys doing that to each other!!!!

  2. Ya.... I can see me freeing joe just to spite the monsters....

  3. Oh, my...that is so funny and so visual. I didn't know Joe had it in him. And what a lovely teacher. That's what kids need today, is someone to encourage and appreciate! Lovely. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to bop JJ when I see him again. x

  4. Oh what a priceless story! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. LOL omg..... wait is that what I have too look forward too with two boys!?! hahaha

  6. lol... i do remember , mostly the day i went to school because i wasn't there the day mrs miller got ahold of it, i recall walking through the halls in the morning .... class-mates were saying your in big trouble with smerks on there faces..i walked into the class room with all my funny looking friends staring at me , I knew then my teacher and friends were up to something., then they read my little story while i was there picking my nose probley lol kiddin, That story is lickley half real and half fun, I remember coming home from boring science trips and telling Jay i went up in this cray spashship we went around our moon then ......after an hour mabey of me telling hm something he could almost see he would catch on , give a shoulder punch lol thx for sharing that mom , i mean sally and jake...