Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Swallow

     I wanted this swallow. Living in the country around barns and old porches they were frequent visitors in my life and I admired these divine little birds. This lovely piece of pottery was in my sisters kitchen. Every time I went to visit I dropped large hints that perhaps, maybe she should let me have the object of my desire. To no avail it seemed. Glynis liked it too.
     Then one Christmas I opened a gift from my sister and lo and behold there was the coveted item. Glynis told me that a true gift is something you really treasure yourself..I was the recipient of this treasure. The swallow was proudly displayed on my kitchen wall.
     The next Christmas I was wrapping gifts and thought about the swallow and the meaning behind my sister's gift. I sent it back to her with love.
     The next Christmas..yup she sent it back to me. It has been almost twenty years now that this little bird has flown between our homes. I look forward to another twenty years of sharing.


  1. Have you been switching it for that long??? Wow! :D

  2. Well, I am sitting here with a tear or two trickling. I just noticed the picture and I knew what your post would be about, Rosemary. Love it...love, love, love it. I will always 'treasure' this little sisterly Christmas exchange. And, yes, Amanda. It will be 20 years this coming Christmas! We started in 1992. xx

  3. Iam not to sure , i think i remember mom opening a present and being very surprised along time ago , it was 20 years ago so i did have my own presents to open, i beleive it was givin back to mom the swallowing year lol unexpected , just be thankfull it wasn't a bottle of wine or a box of turdles lol ,