Sunday, February 19, 2012

Psychology Homework!

     Sometimes I need a deadline to get things done. So here it is Friday morning and I have a gazillion things to do today but I am madly typing away so I don't look like a bad student to my writers group. These few sentences are the result of that procrastination behavior that is a very big part of who I am. I guess you could call this need to put things off  until the last minute a part of my psychology.
     I found it fascinating to learn that the literal meaning of psychology is breath, spirit, or soul. Psychology is the study of behavior in an individual or group. It can be used in many different contexts and is a subject that is open to scrutiny on many levels. Human and animal behavior has always fascinated me. Perhaps this is why I have left this homework until the last day. I have been looking articles up on line and in books for at least the last two weeks. Next thing you know hours of intriguing reading later I still haven't written a word. Easily distracted must be part of my makeup too. I have also digressed from the first sentence in the paragraph so inability to keep thoughts organized is probably lumped in there also. I think that psychology is just the study of what makes us who we are. I have also finally learned to spell psychology.

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